About Mountane Ltd

Living in Yorkshire and being long-standing fans of Taylors Teas and Coffees - and also regular visitors to the wonderful Bettys shops and tearooms, all part of the Bettys and Taylors Group - we were always surprised to find we couldn't buy the full range of Taylors Teas and Coffees all in one place.

The supermarkets tend to sell a very limited range and whilst we found more of the products online, we still couldn't find everything in one place in a nicely presented, easily explored format.

So Mountane Tea and Coffee was created to meet that need .. to sell the full range of Taylors products via a very straightforward and easy to use website, backed up with excellent customer service. We also wanted to give customers the choice of buying bigger packs for better value, a pack of 100 tea bags for example is much more convenient to regular users than a pack of 20.

We think a website should make life easier for you, quickly find what you want, easily see all the important details, a straightforward checkout and all done .. and then get on with the rest of your day.  That's the Mountane approach.

We very much hope you like our website, please feel free to send us any suggestions you may have and thank you very much for reading about us!