Taylors of Harrogate Infusions Gift Box

Sunday, 28 March 2021  |  Admin

Taylors of Harrogate Infusions Gift Box

Taylors of Harrogate Caffeine-Free Infusions

Gift Pack Special Offer – 25% off!

We have a very special offer at the moment on our Infusions Gift Box.

The box contains six boxes of each flavour, and each box contains 20 individually wrapped and tagged tea bags. 120 bags in total. The six flavours are:

Organic Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, Blackberry & Raspberry, Apple & Cinnamon, Sweet Rhubarb and Rose Lemonade.

These gift boxes make a perfect present for friends and family, the box itself is very smart and sturdy, in a stylish black with a separate lid and finished with matching ribbon to impress the lucky recipient.

We are currently offering the Infusions Gift Box at 25% off the standard price, which reduces it from £31.95 to just £23.96, including free named day delivery and the option to include a personalised message slip with the package if you wish. The offer is while stocks last and for a maximum of two per customer.

We do get asked from time to time about the different terminology for traditional teas versus herbal and fruit teas. Technically they are all actually infusions, as infusing is the process of adding boiling water and releasing the flavour into the liquid. Referring though to herbal ‘tea’ and fruit ‘tea’ is not actually correct as they do not contain tea! All traditional teas are made from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis, whereas herbal and fruit infusions are not made from Camellia Sinensis and so do not contain tea!

Taylors use the term ‘Caffeine-Free Infusion’ for their herbal and fruit infusions as they are naturally caffeine-free, and Infusion seems to be the best term these days to avoid the confusion with tea. One slight inconsistency though is that the term ‘tea bag’ is still generally used in both cases! 

See the Infusions Gift Pack HERE in our Shop.