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Taylors of Harrogate is part of the Bettys and Taylors Group which is a great Yorkshire family business and a very impressive success story.

There are three famous brands in the group; Taylors of Harrogate, Bettys and Yorkshire Tea.

Charles Taylor first established the family tea and coffee business in 1886 and Bettys was founded in Harrogate in 1919 by a Swiss emigrant confectioner called Frederick Belmont.

The roots of the modern group can be traced back to 1962 when Victor Wild, nephew of Frederick Belmont, bought the Taylors business and the Bettys and Taylors group was created.  Victor was the driving force for many years, including launching the Yorkshire Tea brand in the 1970’s, now one of the best-selling teas in the UK, and building Taylors into one of the leading tea and coffee businesses in the UK today.

Taylors of Harrogate has been building relationships with its suppliers for many years and now sources some of the world’s best teas and coffees from over 1 million farmers and workers in 24 countries.  By investing in their farms and communities, Taylors makes a continual difference to the quality of their tea and coffee, and the lives of the people who grow it.  Recognising the need for a successful and sustainable supply chain, Taylors has been involved in many projects around the world such as driving climate-smart coffee farming in Africa for example and planting over 1.5 million trees with over 4,000 farmers in Kenya in the last five years.  The entire Taylors range is now CarbonNeutral certified.

Taylors is proud to be a founding member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, and the company has formed strong partnerships with independent certification schemes such as the Rainforest Alliance.

Producing high quality teas and coffees is a craft that takes generations to perfect; blending is where the art of the coffee maker gets truly creative, crafting blends which build complementary layers of flavour to develop unique coffee creations.  All Taylors coffee beans are roasted in Harrogate using a traditional drum roaster, with the roast master’s expertise bringing out the best flavours for customers to enjoy. Tea blending is equally skilled and has been perfected by Taylors for over a century, up to 1,000 teas a day are tasted, before selecting the handful which meet the necessary standard and rigorous taste test to ensure the final blends are always perfect.

Taylors extensive selection of fine British Classic teas range from rich black teas selected at their seasonal peak, to organic and decaffeinated blends, elegant green teas and refreshing herbal infusions.  Taylors is also the UK’s best selling ground coffee, bought by over 1.7m households.  Coffee beans with serious character are slow roasted until their flavour hits the sweet spot creating blends with impeccable balance. Taylors coffee experts have decades of experience seeking out the very best beans from the world’s best growing regions.  It’s all about doing things properly – from the way it’s grown to the flavour in the cup.